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Executive Club

This award is given to agents and teams who have a closed sales volume of $3,200,000 or 24 clients represented (provided their sales volume exceeds $2,100,000.)

☆ Over $10 million ☆

Anthony Team Realty, Meridian North

Courtney Bennett, Ashcraft & Bennett Real Estate Group, Meridian North

Rachel Ashcraft, Ashcraft & Bennett Real Estate Group, Meridian North

David Barnes, Keystone

RW Boals & Assoc., West

Craig Bowen, Noblesville

Buttler Realty Group, South

Mike Cagle, South

Diane Cassidy, Fishers/Geist

Cara Conde, Meridian North

Cutsinger Realty Group, Crosspoint

Kristin Dannheiser, Evansville/Commercial

The Deakyne Team, Noblesville

Steve Dossett, Evansville/7820 Building

Fishburn Realty Group, Downtown

Garner Group, Zionsville

Kristi Gaynor, Meridian North

Cara Huffman, New Castle

Kammeyer Realty Group, Fishers/Geist

The Keegan Group, Carmel

Aaron Kendall, Evansville/Commercial

Kennedy & Associates, Meridian North

Jon Kindred, New Castle

Fred Krawczyk and Associates, Carmel

Sue Lerchen, Meridian North

MacDonald Realty Group, Zionsville

Mahoney Group, Noblesville

Martin Group Real Estate, Meridian North

The McKown Team, New Castle

Robin Montgomery, Vincennes

The Peter Montgomery Realty Group, Keystone

Jana Musser, Meridian North

Nancy Mutchmore, Carmel

The Nguyen Team, West

The Nikki Davis Team, Evansville/7820 Building

Plumer Realty Group, Carmel

Rachel Quade, Fishers/Geist

Amanda Richardson, Bloomington

Tracy Ridings, Zionsville

Tommy Roylance Real Estate Group, Keystone

The Dana Smith Team, Newburgh

Aaron Steele, Bloomington

The Stevens Group, Carmel

Emily Stewart, Crosspoint

Cathy Sturm Realty Group, West

James Sutton, Evansville/7820 Building

Kathy Tearman, West

Awett Tedla, Fishers/Geist

Alex Thieroff, Zionsville

The Thomas Team, Meridian North

Marty Wagner, West

Terri Wilcox, Carmel

Wilcox Realty Group, Downtown

Yosha Snyder Group, Meridian North

Linda Zhang, Carmel